Solar power to hospitals in Somalia

Last updated: 14.10.2015 // Norway has since December 2013 supported sustainable and environmental friendly energy solutions to hospitals in Somalia. The result is that government health facilities deliver more and better health services to the population of Somalia.

NIS Foundation, a Norwegian NGO, has developed the project together with the Ministry of Health and Services of Somalia. The project delivers hybrid energy solutions to hospitals in Mogadishu and in the regions. The aim of the project is to increase stability in power supply and reduce costs. NIS foundation has entered into a partnership with the Norwegian company, W.Giertsen, for the installation of the hybrid solution. Results are reduced costs and more stable energy supply. Hospitals are now able to run 24 hours, 7 days a week.

The project is part of Norways efforts to support stability through enhancing the governments ability to deliver basic services to the Somalia people.

The Director General of Ministry of Health and Services, Dr. Abdiqani Sh. Omar, and the Director of the Medina Hospital, Dr. Mohamed Yusuf, inaugurated the power solution at the Medina Hospital in Mogadishu together with Minister Counsellor Vebjørn Heines from the Norwegian Embassy.

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