Norway's Ambassador Visits Dadaab

The Norwegian Ambassador, Mr. Victor Rønneberg, visited Dadaab on 12 October 2016, together with the Norwegian Refugee Council’s Regional Director for the Horn of Africa, South Sudan, Yemen & Uganda, Ms. Gabriella Waaijman.

Norway contributes to fund both UNHCR and Norwegian Refugee Council to enable them to give refugees in Dadaab food, shelter, education, livelihood, legal counselling etc. During the visit to Dadaab, the Ambassador was shown the Youth Educational Pack Program – YEP – run by NRC. The aim of YEP is to offer vocational training in areas such as tailoring, journalism, mechanism, secretarial skills, beauty treatments etc. both for refugees and local host community members. The visitors were also given the possibility to meet and see off several Somali refugees leaving Dadaab for Mogadishu by flight, as they had voluntarily registered to return to Somalia under the Tripartite Agreement between Kenya, Somalia and UNHCR.

“NRC is an implementing partner to UNHCR and they are delivering good results which are benefiting the refugees in Dadaab, as well as Kenyans living in the area, and the Embassy is pleased to contribute to this end', Ambassador Rønneberg said.

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