Working with Norwegian Partners in Somalia

Last updated: 20.04.2016 // On 12 April the Norwegian Ambassador to Somalia, Mr Victor C. Rønneberg, and Norway’s Special Envoy to Somalia, Mr Jens Mjaugedal, met with Norwegian organisations working in Somalia to discuss issues of common interest.

Approximately ten organisations participated in the meeting. The purpose of the gathering was to exchange information and discuss challenges facing both the NGOs and Norwegian authorities working in Somalia. Amongst the issues discussed around the table were:

-          elections 2016 and the impact on political stability;

-          the relationship between the state  and civil society:

-          who and what constitutes civil society in Somalia;

-          service delivery and the role of private sector and civil society; 

-          the importance of being on the ground;

-          the importance of authentic community engagement;

-          the importance of building government capacity; and

-          the possibility of involving the government in M&E of organisations’ work.

Both sides of the table appreciated the exchange.

Organisations present were the Norwegian Red Cross, Save the Children, ADRA, Yme, Nordic Support Foundation, Norwegian People’s Aid, Norwegian Church Aid, Norwegian Refugee Council, Somali Red Crescent Society and Dialogforeningen.

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