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I have completed my online application; can I get an appointment to submit my documents?
No, we do not do appoinments. Please hand in your Short Stay Visa application at VFS Schengen Visa Application Centre in Parklands: Open on Mon, Tue, Thur, Fri 8am – 3.30pm. 

The online application has Nairobi Embassy as the place to submit my application. Do I still go to the application centre?  Yes; the system can only show the Embassy but you need to hand in your application at VFS. 

What are the requirements for visa and how long does the process take? The requirements can be found at can apply up to three months before planned arrival in Norway/Schengen. The Embassy has 15 days to process your complete application 

Is it possible to fast track my visa application? No, all applicants must expect that the Embassy needs 15 days to process their application. 

Do I need to buy insurance before my visa is approved? Yes, that is one of the requirements. However, all recognised Schengen Insurance Companies in Kenya do reimburse in case a Visa is not granted. 

I have a scanned guarantee form; can we use that while we wait for the original? No, you must provide the guarantee form in both original and copy. Your application is not complete before all necessary documents have been submitted and no case processing will start without all documents being at hand. If you submit an incomplete application, it will be rejected. 

All FAM applications are done online on An appointment to  submit your documents at VFS should be booked online at the same time.

I want to know the status of my application: The Embassy cannot tell you the status of cases already transferred to UDI. Please go to the UDI website If your application is awaiting interview at the Embassy, you will get an appointment through the sms and email contacts  listed in your application.  Also, the UDI sends regular email updates, therefore please check your email at least monthly.

My reference in Norway has done their DNA, when will I get to do mine?  The Embassy will give you an appointment by sms. It may take some time to get the appointment, depending on the waiting list. 

How long will it take to get my decision? Please go to the UDI website for the processing time 

I am applying with my young child, can I incorporate her application with mine? No. Each applicant needs to submit a separate application. 

Why am I told to pay a fee for a minor at VFS whereas anyone under 18 years is exempted from paying? There is no fee to submit an application online for a minor. However,  all applicants must pay a processing fee when submitting documents to VFS.

Does the Embassy offer scholarships to study in Norway?
  The Norwegian Embassy does not have any scheme for scholarships.

I would like to study in Norway; can you help me get a university?
  The Embassy does not have a contact list for Norwegian Universities or Colleges nor possible Scholarship schemes. For information on education in Norway please visit

I am going to Norway for my studies and the university asked me to have my documents certified by the Embassy. Is this possible?  The Norwegian Embassy cannot certify Kenyan documents; please have them certified by the Kenyan Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

I am almost completing my bachelor’s degree; can I get an internship at the Embassy?
The Norwegian Embassy does not have any scheme for trainees/interns.

Could you please have my job application in your file for when a vacancy arises?  The Norwegian Embassy does not keep a file of job applications.  Any vacancy will be posted on our website or/and in the local media. 

How would I go about searching for a job in Norway? / I am trained as a professional nurse in Norway; can I get a job there?

  • Try – “Work in Norway The Official Guide” a joint site for several Norwegian Government entities (Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration, The Norwegian Tax Administration, The Norwegian Directorate of Immigration & the Police) :
  • You can also check out the Directorate of Labor’s website:
    Two booklets entitled "Looking for work in Norway" and "Norway - Access to job vacancies" are published by the Directorate of Labour.
    To apply for a copy to:
    Directorate of Labor
    EURES Dept.
    PO Box 8127 Dep
    N-0032 Oslo

Meld. St. 12 (2010–2011) - English
Meld. St. 12 (2010–2011) - Norsk

How safe is it to travel to Kenya?
Please refer to   

Do I need a visa to come to Kenya? / My passport is only valid until xxx; can I still use it to travel to Kenya?  Please apply for your visa to Kenya on For any follow up queries, please contact the Kenyan immigration on +254 20 2222022 

Can I travel with an emergency passport to Kenya or from Kenya to other countries?
  An emergency passport is issued for travel back to Norway. 

I lost my passport while in Somalia and I can’t travel to Kenya without identification, can the Embassy get me a new passport?  No, the Norwegian Embassy does not have representation in Somalia. Passport application has to be done in person at the Embassy in Nairobi. 

I have a child born in Kenya, can they get a Norwegian passport? Yes, please follow the link to obtain the required information. Pass 

What kind of assistance may Foreign Service Missions provide?
Foreign Service missions may:

  • Issue an emergency passport or another travel document for transport home;
  • Contact the family and ask them to send money etc.;
  • Offer advice on how to transfer money from Norway;
  • Offer advice and guidance on medical services, hospitals etc.;
  • Help obtain legal assistance;
  • In exceptional cases, provide destitution loans for transport home;
  • Assist family members in the event of a death abroad;
  • Visit persons who are arrested or detained;
  • In special circumstances, attend legal hearings.

What kind of assistance may Foreign Service missions NOT provide?
There are a number of services a Foreign Service mission may not provide. These include:

  • Intervening in the legal process;
  • Paying a lawyer hired on a private basis;
  • Arranging for accommodation, work or work permits;
  • Paying hotel, medical, legal or other expenses;
  • Transferring money or paying social benefits;
  • Translating certificates and similar documents;
  • Assisting in civil affairs;
  • Taking responsibility for children;
  • Accompanying sick persons, children or others back to Norway.

Who may request assistance?
All Norwegian nationals are entitled to assistance. Refugees and stateless persons resident in Norway can expect the same assistance as Norwegian nationals in most matters during temporary stays abroad. Norwegian nationals who are permanently resident abroad cannot expect the same assistance as the one provided to Norwegian nationals permanently resident in Norway.

If you have dual nationality and travel to your second home country, the authorities of that country can choose to ignore the Norwegian nationality. In such situations, it may be difficult for Norwegian authorities to provide assistance.

Who provides assistance abroad?
More than 100 diplomatic and consular missions along with approximately 400 honorary consulates assist Norwegian travelers abroad. Norwegian personnel who are posted from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs staff the diplomatic and consular missions. Honorary consulates are generally run by private individuals who are nationals of the country in which the consulate is located and who look after Norway’s interests in their area without remuneration. Norwegian citizens cannot expect the same assistance from an honorary consulate as from an embassy staffed by Norwegian personnel posted from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Take out an insurance!
All those who are planning to travel abroad should make sure that they have a good travel and health insurance with adequate cover. Without a valid insurance, hospitalization or medical repatriation to Norway may be very expensive. Within the EEA (European Economic Area) countries, you are normally entitled to medical care at a public hospital, but expenses for a medical repatriation to Norway will not be covered. Outside the EEA area, all expenses in connection with hospitalization or transport to Norway will be on your own account. This can bring about significant expenses for yourself and/or your family.

We also recommend that you read the terms and conditions of the travel insurance carefully before traveling and that you buy a supplementary insurance if necessary.

All Norwegians intending to travel to Kenya should take up a travel insurance. The Embassy cannot assist with medical bills if you get hospitalised in Kenya.  

I left my original certificate in Norway; can the Embassy issue me with a copy of my birth/marriage/divorce certificate?
No, one can apply for the birth and marriage certificates from the National Registry (Folkeregisteret) and the divorce certificate from the County Governor’s office (Fylkesmannen) in the county where you last lived together. 

I am getting married in Kenya; can the Embassy issue me with a no impediment to marriage? No, a no impediment to marriage can be obtained from tax administration (Skatteetaten) in your kommune. 

Can the Embassy translate or certify a copy of my birth/marriage/divorce certificate? Yes, the Embassy can do an unofficial translation of the above documents. However, only if an original is provided; certified copy is not acceptable. 

I recently got married in Kenya and I would like to have my marriage registered in Norway. The Embassy is not in a position to register marriages. Please visit the Tax Administration (Skatteetaten) in your County to register.

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